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PACES (the Program for the Assessment and Certification for the Environment and Sustainability) recognizes leadership in campus sustainability and assists departments, laboratories, and event coordinators in identifying new opportunities where they can further reduce their impact on the environment. The Green Office and Events program connects campus community members to resources that will reduce their environmental impact and increase their efficiency. Departments, faculty, students, and event coordinators all have a salient role in the sustainability movement; their choices determine whether the campus ecosystem works as it is designed and whether sustainability policies and practices are implemented correctly. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the PACES team has continued to provide staff and faculty with at-home sustainability informational modules via the new Sustainable Home Office Program. All of the modules distributed in the first cycle are available in the below link. By serving as environmental consultants, we hope to help implement policies and practices to create a more sustainable campus!

Meet Our Team

PACES Interns


Joseph Quan

Green Assessment Coordinator



My name is Joseph and I am a 4th Year Political Science major with an emphasis on international relations at UCSB. I am a PACES Green Athletics and Events coordinator so anyone interested in having their sports team or event certified for sustainability might reach out to me. I started interning during Fall of 2021 and worked with the natural reserves on different projects. I look forward to new experiences and learning more about sustainability in general. For fun, I like to play games, read, play the saxophone, and drink a LOT of coffee so if you ever see me feel free to buy me a cup.

Elise Roberts

PACES Green Assessment Coordinator & LabRATS LabSYNC Program Assessments



Elise is a 4th year Environmental Studies major with a minor in Spatial Studies from Orange County, CA. She joined PACES in Spring 2023 and LabRATS in Summer 2023. As a PACES and LabRATS intern, she manages multiple projects across departments, laboratories, and events on campus to promote and recommend green practices in multiple sectors as well as completing administrative tasks. Examples of this include developing staff workshop materials, conducting research to find reusable or recyclable alternatives in laboratories, running the PACES certification programs, and updating PACES and LabRATS materials. Outside of this position, she is an Events Chair for UCSB Environmental Affairs Board and is particularly interested in coastal management, hazard mitigation, and reducing food waste.