1. Introduction
    • Through email or interview, we will provide an overview of the program and the steps involved.
  2. Pre-Event Interview: (30 minutes)
    • Our Green Events coordinators will conduct an interview with questions geared toward the events logistic (e.g. size, scope, type of activities, catering).
  3. Data Collection:
    • We will briefly attend the event and collect more data related to communications/training, energy, food, human health, purchasing, transportation, waste reduction and recycling, and water.
  4. Presentation: (30 minutes - 1 hour)
    • Once interview and event data is compiled and summarized, we will offer a brief presentation of our findings with recommendations for future events. We provide the event hosts with information and resources regarding how to achieve our recommendations, such as catering businesses with Green Restaurant certifications, public transportation directions, information on composting services on campus, and more. We will also provide a score based on the ranking of the event data.